Buyer’s Advantage

Walk Through Typical Transaction with Me as Your Buyer’s Agent


1. First we meet and discuss agency relationships.

  • You will probably choose to hire me to represent you as your Buyers Agent (of course, I can represent the Seller if you choose!)
  • At this point we will need to briefly discuss financing.
  • If you have not been pre-qualified, we can connect you with a mortgage company and make sure that you'll be comfortable with your monthly payment.
  • Once we have decided on a price range, I will ask you a series of questions to determine what features are important in your new home.
  • We will search our criteria through the Multiple Listing Service database and get a color photo and description of each house that meets your criteria.
  • As we view the homes on screen we can print copies of the listings you might like to go see.

2. I will make appointments for us to see several of the properties you choose.

  • It is usually best to see no more than 5-6 homes in a day, otherwise you will start to forget which houses had certain features you liked and disliked.
  • You may want to study maps ahead of time.

3. As we view each home, you may want to take notes that will help you remember the house.


4. After seeing several houses you will become more confident analyzing home sizes, lot sizes, features and price.


5. After seeing the houses currently available on the market, if you haven't found your dream home, I will search the MLS daily and let you know of any hot new properties as they are listed.

This way we get a jump on all of the other Buyers currently looking for properties similar to yours.


6. One day I will call you and say "this is your lucky day, the perfect house was just listed, we need to see the house today!" We meet at the house and you love it, it's perfect.


7. We complete the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Don't worry,  we will have discussed it along the way. We will need an earnest money check to go along with the offer.

  • This is a "good faith" deposit that says "we will buy your house if all of the following conditions are met." (Earnest money is credited towards the purchase price of the home at closing.)

8. Throughout the entire process, I'll manage the little details that can seem so overwhelming and help you complete the necessary steps to obtain your new home.


9. After we sign the Offer, I will submit your offer to the Listing Agent. Negotiation is where I really start to serve you.

  • I will get you the best price, terms and conditions possible.
  • My sales ratio is well below the average, meaning my Buyers pay less for their homes!

10. Once our offer is accepted I will help you set up your inspections.

 I recommend that all home buyers have a structural inspection (approx. $250-$350).


11. I will supply you a list of lenders, attorneys, inspectors, insurance agents, and service providers.

  • Choosing a lender with the right program for you is very important.
  • I will help assess your situation and make you aware of lenders with programs suitable for your needs.

12. We will have all the inspections done early in the contract process.

  • This way if the inspector notes any items which need to be addressed, the seller has time to respond and correct the items noted.
  • Should the seller decide not to fix the items, we will either accept their response and proceed or request that our earnest money be returned and find a new property.

13. While the inspections are being done, you will be making loan application with your bank and moving ahead towards loan approval.

  • I will be in contact frequently with your lender to provide any information they need to expedite the process.
  • I'll remind you to set up your homeowners insurance. It needs to start the day you take title to the house.

14. You now have all of your inspections done, you have loan approval and you're sailing towards closing.

  • We will do a walk-through of the house together the day before or the day of closing.
  • This is to make sure the house is in the same general condition it was when you contracted to purchase it. (No unexpected holes in the wall or appliances missing that you paid for as part of the contract.)

15. We did our walk-through and the house is just as great as it was the day you first saw it, only it looks better as your new home.


16. Closing day is here and we all meet at the attorneys office.

  • Closing is also a time for you to execute the forms associated with a new mortgage.
  • Once you have executed all of the appropriate forms, you will receive the keys to your new home.
  • Your closing attorney can address any questions you may have about the loan documents.

And, I'll always be available after the sale to assist you in any way I can!


17. Welcome Home!